DevOps Engineer

Job summary

We are a small team and we are working on our first platform, Staroke. We are a startup focused on mobile technologies, entertainment and music. We are looking for our DevOps Engineer who will be responsible for analyzing, designing the architecture, developing commercially viable end-to-end technical solutions for our product and maintaining the server-side of our products.

Our Engineering Culture

  • Yes we are a startup.
  • We are realistic dreamers and work hard to make our dreams to come true. Our life is agile. If you have an agile mindset, let’s sing together
  • We are young, smart, passionate, energetic. We work closely and give all the decisions together.
  • We would like to give some insights on what you need to accomplish when you join the team.
  • You will be both student and teacher. We will learn and teach together.
  • Scrum is the framework we follow while building our platforms. Agility is in our DNA, therefore we have to know the basic of Agile mindset and Scrum values and how Scrum can improve our Agility.;
  • Microservices, Cloud, and Kubernetes are the top three topics we will jump into with you. To build an awesome solution that customers love, we have to use cutting edge technologies and proved practices.


  • Scope, define and design solution offerings; driving end-to-end technical solutions
  • Analyze current technologies, define business requirements and participate in risk analysis
  • Work with core team on list of potential activities and solutions
  • Support deployment of solution
  • Provide feedback to R&D
  • Participate in knowledge transfer, documentation and information sharing
  • Stay abreast of on new technology/technical areas and share information about solution to enable new requirements competence build

Key Qualifications

  • Degree in Computer Science or Computer Engineering or any equivalent department.
  • Domain experience: area of expertise Java, Spring Boot, AWS, Algorithms, Software Design, Git, GitLab, Jenkins are just a few technologies we are using.Support deployment of solution
  • 3+ years experience
  • Good grasp of software design and design principles
  • Knowledge of Amazon Web Services
  • Experience with distributed systems and microservices architecture